first days of dance class 2012-2014

Two years ago, we enrolled Micah in dance.  He has been surrounded by art and music since day one, so it was no surprise that he loved to sing and dance and perform.  I remember listening from the waiting room during his first class, and hearing him tell his classmates “great job” and offering them other encouragements.  He attends a noncompetitive studio so if images of Lifetime’s Dance Moms pops into your head, your perception might be a little skewed.  I don’t believe there is anything wrong with competition.  It can help motivate some people to try harder and strive for their very best.  I’m just not ready to foster a competitive spirit in my children.  I want them to be able to love what they do before it becomes work or a chore to them.  Luckily they aren’t yet aware of the world of pushy parents and angry coaches.  They love going to dance class and look forward to it every week.  Maeby started dance last year, and Abram is waiting (as patiently as a two year old can wait) to start next year.  I have seen Micah and Maeby mature a lot since they have started taking classes.  They have learned (and are continuously learning) structure, discipline, grace, poise, confidence, spatial awareness, patience, and French (since their studio use the classical terms).  I am so impressed with their growth and thankful that they have a very nurturing teacher.

We have a tradition of taking first (and last) day of class pictures outside of the studio.


micah's first year of dance


micah second year of dance

maeby first year of dance


micah third year of dance

maeby second year of dance

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