Trip to Ikea and Vegan Swedish Meatballs

It is no secret that I love Ikea.  When we were living in Philadelphia, we would find ourselves there a few times a month.  We would grab our complimentary Ikea Family coffee, and make our way through the showrooms for inspiration.  As much as my little Ikea experts love testing out all of the rooms, there is something they love to do even more while we are there: eat!

Ikea might seem like a strange place to go to for the food, especially for vegans.  I wondered what I would be able to eat there once I became a vegan since my go-tos were hot dogs or cinnamon buns.  I quickly discovered their salad bar and soup offerings (it isn’t always available, but their lentil soup is loaded with vegetables and very filling).  Then there came an announcement earlier this year:  Ikea was going to start serving a vegan take on their Swedish meatballs.

With all of this nesting, comes redecorating and shuffling rooms around.  We needed to make a trip to Ikea to pick up Abram’s big kid mattress, so we could transition him into his shared room with Micah.  When the kids found out we were going to Ikea, they immediately asked if we could eat there.  I didn’t tell them about the vegan Swedish meatballs, so they were surprised when Stephen brought them three kid’s meals featuring this new-to-them food.  It didn’t take long for them to clear their plates.  In fact, it took me longer  to finish my meal because I was trying to savor the sweet potato sauce (which was rich and creamy).  ikea's vegan swedish meatballs

Micah and Maeby have been playing “Ikea” with their play kitchens, and keep raving about the vegan meatballs.  I am sure we will need to make another visit to Ikea soon for whatever reason, and we will definitely be ordering their vegan Swedish meatballs again.

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