Green Eggs Café

Today is a sleepover day for my little ones.  It is actually Abram’s first sleepover, which reminded me that I hadn’t shared what we did the last time Micah and Maeby spent the night at my parents’ house.

Abram has recently become interested in trains, so we knew that we wanted to take the train into Philly.  (Bonus: taking the train beats the hassle of having to find parking in the city.)  green eggs café green eggs café philadelphiaWe made our way into Midtown and headed to Green Eggs Café.  Stephen had been daydreaming about their chicken & waffles benedict since the last time we went, and I was craving their vegan french toast.  Abram and I split a vegan french toast and an order of rosemary home fries. green eggs café vegan french toastAbram and I stuffed ourselves full of french toast and potatoes, and Stephen enjoyed his chicken and waffles.  We have been satisfied every time we have gone to Green Eggs Café.  Their food is like comfort food meets healthy fare.  They compost food scraps, recycle, and use biodegradable takeout containers (which makes my inner hippie very happy).  They offer a handful of vegan and vegetarian options, and one of these days I might actually try something else.  It is just really difficult to say no to their french toast.vegan french toast green eggs cafeWe ended our morning by waddling (ok, the waddling might have just been me) back to the train station.  green eggs café phillyStrange to think that this little guy will be having his first sleepover in a few hours, but I think he’ll be fine (just as long as he knows he won’t be missing out on vegan french toast and train rides).

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