Scripture Sunday: Week Three

Time to kick of Scripture Sunday: week three with an encouraging reminder of God’s unfailing love!  Romans 8:39Romans 8:39 says neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

No matter the height of my highs or the depth of my lows, I will continue to receive the everlasting love of God.  For the days when I find it hard to love myself, God still loves me.  As a human being, it is difficult to understand God’s unconditional love.  My mind is so trained to think of love as a reward.  Well I wasn’t able to do the things that this person needed me to do, so they can’t love me.  I fell short of their expectations, so it makes sense for them to withhold their love.  These are some of my rationalizations in my human relationships.  I have a tendency to transfer these beliefs to my relationship with God.  I haven’t lived up to my created potential, so I must be such a disappointment to him.  My circumstances that I have created only stand to keep me from openly receiving God’s love because I don’t think that I deserve it.  Amidst my darkness, God’s love is there waiting for me to overcome my thoughts and receive it.

This week, I will be concentrating on opening myself up to God’s love.  I am hopeful that His love will strengthen me to love others unconditionally, so I can help others overcome their beliefs about what love is.  I understand that human relationships will always be flawed, but I am assured that God will use me to assist in building up His Kingdom.

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