Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Create a Baby Registry at Target

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I know there is a lot of controversy over baby showers for second, third, etc babies.  Whether you side with the one (shower) and done or every baby should be celebrated camp, you can probably agree that each new baby usually comes with their own needs and expenses.  I didn’t feel comfortable having a baby shower for baby number four, but I still needed to purchase things like a new car seat (the infant seat I used with my older children had long since expired) and milk storage items.  Having a registry has proven helpful for me since I could keep track of what I truly needed so I could inform family members and friends that kept insisting on getting the baby a gift (especially with Christmas being only a few weeks away).  Here are my top five reasons why you should create a baby registry at Target even if you aren’t planning on having a baby shower. Continue reading →

Guess Who? Predictions for Baby #4

As I said before, baby number 4 will be making their appearance in the month of November.  I have been keeping myself super busy with packing bags, making freezer meals, and cleaning my house almost as quickly as my children mess it up.  (And those are on top of our normal daily activities like homeschooling and extracurriculars.)  I feel like the end of this pregnancy is nearing, but baby could still wait another four weeks to show up.  Since this baby is such a mystery, I figured I would share my variations of normal and open up the polls for people to guess the baby’s weight, length, gender, arrival, etc. Continue reading →

Homeschool 2015

We now have over a week of school on the books.  After defining individual objectives for the year, we dove right into studies.  Maeby wants to learn to read and spell this year, Micah wants to be able to read an entire chapter book by himself, and Abram wants to work on the alphabet and writing.  We had a summer filled with what seemed like nonstop conversations about science and geography, and we are continuing those conversations with a more academic approach.  Micah is already becoming well versed in state facts and abbreviations, and can be caught reading maps randomly throughout the day.  I enjoy being able to adjust our lessons to focus on what my children are excited about learning.  It definitely cuts down on the amount of protests.  We already have a list of ten field trip ideas, including a trip to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty (tentatively in the spring, so we have some time to adjust to traveling with baby #4).  I know that we will face our own share of struggles throughout the school year, but we are happy to be on this journey together.  Without further adieu, photographic proof of how much my children have grown in the past year.  abramhs1 abramhs2maebyhs1maebyhs2micahhs1 micahhs2A look back on homeschool 2014.

Boy or Girl?

If you saw our announcement the other day, you may be wondering if this little baby is a boy or a girl.  As a planner and a compulsive list maker, it has always been a no brainer to find out the sex of my babies.  I needed to know so I could decorate nurseries, shop for baby, or at the very least figure out what clothes to take out of storage.  Early on in this pregnancy, I found myself discussing old wives tales with my sister.  I felt a strong need to know if this baby is a boy or a girl.

While looking up ideas for gender reveals on Pinterest, I kept finding myself cringing.  Don’t get me wrong, I think sharing the baby’s sex with family and friends can be a special moment.  I just had trouble getting past all of the gender stereotypes I was seeing: guns or glitter, blue or pink, ties or tutus, boots or bows, tractors or tiaras, and lures or lace.   I have tried to raise my children in an environment without gender role restrictions, so it caused me to consider if finding out the baby’s sex was truly important to me.

ultrasoundDoes the baby’s sex effect what I need to purchase?  No,  I mostly need to purchase new baby gear, which I prefer to be gender neutral anyway.

Does the baby’s sex effect where they will sleep?  No, the bassinet is already set up in my room and the crib is set up in Maeby’s room.

Does the baby’s sex effect what clothes I pull from storage?  No, this is my first Fall baby and all of the newborn (in my kids’ cases, size 0-3 months since they didn’t fit into the newborn size) clothes are for Summer.

The only reason I could think of for finding out the baby’s sex (besides curiosity), would be to prepare Maeby if we found out the baby is a boy (she really has her heart set on having a baby sister).  I figure it would be easier for her to find out the baby is a boy once she can see him, than finding out months in advance.

As a bonus, I feel like not knowing the baby’s sex will give me extra strength and motivation during labor.

And I can’t wait for the moment that my doctor places the baby on my chest and says “it’s a ___.”



Return to blogging and an announcement

It has been a long seven months since I last posted, so a lot of things have happened and changed our family dynamic.  Instead of blogging through it, I decided to take a break so I could give my kids my best.  I have a few posts that have been sitting in the draft folder, and some that have been weighing on my heart.  I really hope to get to those soon, but for now I figured I would let my kids share an announcement.

beach signs

micah signabram sign

micah shirtmaeby shirtabram shirtbeach shirtsThey are super excited to welcome their new brother/sister this Fall.