Boy or Girl?

If you saw our announcement the other day, you may be wondering if this little baby is a boy or a girl.  As a planner and a compulsive list maker, it has always been a no brainer to find out the sex of my babies.  I needed to know so I could decorate nurseries, shop for baby, or at the very least figure out what clothes to take out of storage.  Early on in this pregnancy, I found myself discussing old wives tales with my sister.  I felt a strong need to know if this baby is a boy or a girl.

While looking up ideas for gender reveals on Pinterest, I kept finding myself cringing.  Don’t get me wrong, I think sharing the baby’s sex with family and friends can be a special moment.  I just had trouble getting past all of the gender stereotypes I was seeing: guns or glitter, blue or pink, ties or tutus, boots or bows, tractors or tiaras, and lures or lace.   I have tried to raise my children in an environment without gender role restrictions, so it caused me to consider if finding out the baby’s sex was truly important to me.

ultrasoundDoes the baby’s sex effect what I need to purchase?  No,  I mostly need to purchase new baby gear, which I prefer to be gender neutral anyway.

Does the baby’s sex effect where they will sleep?  No, the bassinet is already set up in my room and the crib is set up in Maeby’s room.

Does the baby’s sex effect what clothes I pull from storage?  No, this is my first Fall baby and all of the newborn (in my kids’ cases, size 0-3 months since they didn’t fit into the newborn size) clothes are for Summer.

The only reason I could think of for finding out the baby’s sex (besides curiosity), would be to prepare Maeby if we found out the baby is a boy (she really has her heart set on having a baby sister).  I figure it would be easier for her to find out the baby is a boy once she can see him, than finding out months in advance.

As a bonus, I feel like not knowing the baby’s sex will give me extra strength and motivation during labor.

And I can’t wait for the moment that my doctor places the baby on my chest and says “it’s a ___.”



Return to blogging and an announcement

It has been a long seven months since I last posted, so a lot of things have happened and changed our family dynamic.  Instead of blogging through it, I decided to take a break so I could give my kids my best.  I have a few posts that have been sitting in the draft folder, and some that have been weighing on my heart.  I really hope to get to those soon, but for now I figured I would let my kids share an announcement.

beach signs

micah signabram sign

micah shirtmaeby shirtabram shirtbeach shirtsThey are super excited to welcome their new brother/sister this Fall.

MommyCon Philadelphia: The Swag

mommycon vip swag

This past weekend, I was privileged enough to attend MommyCon in Philadelphia.  While I will still be posting about my overall experience, I wanted to share with you the wonderful products that I received for free.  It might seem a bit tacky to discuss the free stuff in depth, but I feel like these products (and more importantly, the companies behind them) deserve some attention.  As a mother that practices natural and attachment parenting, I find that these kinds of products are left off of registry list recommendations and the like.  I want to be able to do them justice.  (Please note that for this post I will not be including any affiliate links.  All links used are the companies’ direct links.)

detailed image of vip swag bag from mommycon philly

1 Babywearing World Record T-shirt from MommyCon

2 Reusable bag and infant bodysuit from Cotton Babies

3 Toy rattle ball from Pebble

4 Food pouch handle set from ChubChub

5 Folding silicone placemat from Silikids

6 Samples of thrush and nipple cream and full size container of nipple cream from Motherlove

7 Pouch and snack bar from Plum Organics

8 Two packs of detergent samples from Molly’s Suds

9 Food storage from Baby Cubes

10 One size cloth diaper from Best Bottom Diapers

11 Two teething necklaces from Zen Rocks

12 Glass food storage cube from Wean Green

13 Silicone teether from ZoLi

14 Hand soap and alcohol free sanitizer from Babyganics

15 Natural odor eliminating products from Fresh Wave

16 Veggie baby crayons from Wee Can Too

17 Baby wipes from Water Wipes

18 Organic prenatal beverage from Bundle

19 Nursing pads from Bamboobies

20 Reusable snack bag from Planet Wise

21 Mommy’s favorite accessory bodysuit and $10 gift card from Pish Posh Baby

22 Soleil baby carrier from Beco

Oh, there’s more!  The amount of products and discounts was too great for just one picture.  Ok, so in my excitement I forgot to include a product that wouldn’t have fit in my bag if I had tried.

mommycon philly vip swag 2014

23 Breastfeeding starter kit from Kiinde

In addition to these products, I was provided with exclusive discounts to: Joovy, Líllébaby, Milkin’ Cookies, Nicki’s DiapersJust Pretend Kids, Uber, FiggyFuzz Baby Boutique, Pediped, Combi, and 16 Minute Club.

Make sure you are following me on instagram to see some of our new items in action and come back soon to read about my experience at MommyCon Philly.


a first

I know each of my children have a lifetime of firsts ahead of them, but it feels a little strange that today’s first for Micah was something that usually happens in the first year or so for most boys.  Just five days shy of his fifth birthday, Micah received his first haircut.  There was a moment in his second year that we decided to let him try to grow his hair long enough to donate.  We figured in his first few years of life, he most likely wouldn’t run into anyone that could be cruel enough to tease him for his long hair.  Sure Micah was mistaken for a girl and even called “princess” quite a few times, but those weren’t in malice.  Micah has always been so kindhearted.  He loves to encourage others and put them first.  We explained to him that he was going to get his hair cut off and that it was going to go to someone else that didn’t have hair.  Before he got his haircut, he kept telling me how excited he was to get his hair cut and give it to other people.  I am so proud of my son for his selflessness.


For more information on Locks of Love visit

One of THOSE Days

Today was starting to turn into one of those days.  We were all still down in the dumps about our cat getting hit by a car yesterday.  Micah and Maeby kept getting into each other’s personal space.  Maeby gave Moses a bath.  Yes, Maeby gave Moses a bath.  I have learned my lesson that until she uses the bathroom on a regular basis, she is not to be allowed in there without adult supervision.  Turns out “mommy, I have to use the potty” can mean “mommy, i’m bored and I want to give the cat a bath and flood the bathroom.”  After cleaning up the bathroom, I sent the kids into the living room.  I took a much needed time out for myself.  I went out to my garden, nibbled some cherry tomatoes, pulled a few weeds, brought the chickens some treats, found some eggs…WHAT?!?  I have known this day was coming since March when we started raising them, but I felt like it was never going to happen.  With a smile on my face and a brighter perspective, I went inside and brought the kids outside.  Maeby ran right up to the coop and yelled “EGGS!  MOMMY, THERE’S EGGS!”  We gathered them up.  Four eggs from four hens.  I’m anxious to see if they lay more tomorrow.  Little miss is such a natural.  I think she was born to take care of animals.ImageImageImageImage

I have learned so many lessons as a mother, but i think one of the most important things I have learned has been to take a break and step back.  Having preschoolers and a toddler is very frustrating at times because they are learning new things.  I want them to be able to do things for themselves, so sometimes that means half a carton of coconut milk ends up on the floor when filling a cup.  I take a breath and we get right to cleaning it up together.  If I were to let all of these frustrating moments get to me, I’d probably be miserable with my life and myself.  Since I love my life and wouldn’t have it any other way, I step back and try to look for the extraordinary things in each day.