Welcome, Baby!

We are happy to introduce the newest member of our family!

At 12:58 pm, we discovered that our mystery baby is a sweet baby boy.  Weighing in at 9 pounds 2 ounces and measuring 21 inches, he is anything but “little.”  Please help us in welcoming our newest addition…Welcome, Baby!

Asa Rhodes

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Create a Baby Registry at Target

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I know there is a lot of controversy over baby showers for second, third, etc babies.  Whether you side with the one (shower) and done or every baby should be celebrated camp, you can probably agree that each new baby usually comes with their own needs and expenses.  I didn’t feel comfortable having a baby shower for baby number four, but I still needed to purchase things like a new car seat (the infant seat I used with my older children had long since expired) and milk storage items.  Having a registry has proven helpful for me since I could keep track of what I truly needed so I could inform family members and friends that kept insisting on getting the baby a gift (especially with Christmas being only a few weeks away).  Here are my top five reasons why you should create a baby registry at Target even if you aren’t planning on having a baby shower. Continue reading →

FōMū Vegan Alternative Ice Cream

Back in September when we traveled to Boston, we made sure to stop by FōMū in the Allston neighborhood.  One of my biggest initial holdouts in becoming vegan was my love of ice cream.  Ten years ago, the vegan options were on the lackluster side.  In the past few years, though, flavor and base offerings have expanded past the traditional.  We were excited to visit an all vegan ice cream shop where nothing on the menu was off limits.  The biggest dilemma we faced was narrowing down from the many options that were offered.fomu signfomu menufomu counter

Micah chose avocado, Maeby picked chocolate brownie, and Abram went with cookies and cream.  I shared some of my hot fudge brownie sundae (with salted caramel and s’mores ice cream) with Stephen. Continue reading →

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Guess Who? Predictions for Baby #4

As I said before, baby number 4 will be making their appearance in the month of November.  I have been keeping myself super busy with packing bags, making freezer meals, and cleaning my house almost as quickly as my children mess it up.  (And those are on top of our normal daily activities like homeschooling and extracurriculars.)  I feel like the end of this pregnancy is nearing, but baby could still wait another four weeks to show up.  Since this baby is such a mystery, I figured I would share my variations of normal and open up the polls for people to guess the baby’s weight, length, gender, arrival, etc. Continue reading →

Halloween 2015: The Animaniacs!

Last year, I explained why I opt to take the DIY route when it comes to my children’s Halloween costumes. Despite being (what feels like) eight billion weeks pregnant, I still chose to make their costumes.  I am glad that baby #4 didn’t decide to make an early appearance, or I would have been wracking my brains for an acceptable costume to go with this year’s theme.  So far our themes have been favorite characters (Linus from The Peanuts and Alice in Wonderland), decades (60’s hippie and 20’s flapper), Peter Pan (Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, and Tick Tock Crock), The Incredibles, and The Muppets.  A few months ago, my little ones put in their request for this year’s theme: The Animaniacs!

When I first thought about it, the idea of making their costumes seemed too complicated.  It became much more manageable when I broke it down and realized I would only need to make their tails and hats.  I was able to make forms for their tails and ears using layers of floral wire wrapped in tulle and covered in black felt.  The floral wire gave me the option to shorten their tails when they became too distracting.  (I can’t tell you how many times I caught Abram chasing his tail.)


Here they are before they went trick or treating.  They were ready to let everyone in the neighborhood know who they were dressed as.


I have less than a year to scout out a sibling costume theme fit for four, so I will have Halloween on my mind months before it arrives next year.  Hopefully their costumes match their personalities just as perfectly as they did this year.