The Incredibles Costume DIY

Halloween is only a week away, and I really should be spending my time putting together this year’s costumes.  Instead, I am procrastinating to share with you the costumes I made last year.

This is the fifth year I have made my kids’ costumes.  One of the reasons I had for starting involved a struggle between a toddler and a Brobee costume back in 2009 (the mass produced costumes tend to be itchy and unforgiving).  My second reason was the birth of my daughter.  Every year, I am disappointed by the limitations on costumes for girls.  For the most part, they consist of a character on a tee shirt paired with a tutu.  I figured I was going to have to make her costumes eventually down the line, so I might as well start with her first Halloween.

For Micah’s fifth birthday in the beginning of September of last year, he asked for the Violet and Dash figures for Disney Infinity.  He and Maeby loved playing as Dash and Violet and I felt like we watched The Incredibles a lot more than usual during that time.  I knew that they would love to dress as them for Halloween and the theme also provided a costume for Abram: baby Jack Jack.

The Incredibles DIY Halloween CostumeI went on the hunt for long sleeved red shirts and red pants for them.  It was really difficult to find red cotton pants, like I was originally looking for, but luckily H&M carried red skinny jeans in kids’ sizes.

I found a template for The Incredibles logo and printed out two copies.  On one copy I cut out the outside circle of the logo, and I cut out the “i” on the second.  I placed a cardboard beer caddy (a brown paper bag would have also sufficed) in between each of the shirts so that it could absorb any of the paint that bled through.  Using acrylic paint, I painted the “i” in yellow mixed with a little green (so it would look like it glowed), the circle in gold, and the center in black.

the incredibles diy halloween costumeFor Micah and Maeby’s costumes, I knew I wanted to use boys’ underwear and I was able to find a pack that had two pairs in solid black.  I painted the waistband gold on those (it took like three coats because the elastic sucked it up).  To mimic Violet’s boots, I cut the feet off of black knee high socks and put them over Maeby’s jeans.  Micah and Maeby started the night out wearing black gloves, but quickly gave up on them.  For Abram’s costume, I used a black cloth diaper (it is actually a pocket diaper that I didn’t put any inserts in).  I decided to go with face paint because I knew none of them would keep a mask on.  The kids wiped most of it off themselves, which was nice because having to scrub around little kids’ eyes is not fun.

The Incredibles DIY Costume

The Incredibles DIY Costume

The Incredibles DIY CostumeAs you can see, Micah and Maeby thought their costumes came with some superhero powers.  Luckily Abram didn’t try to demonstrate any powers because I can imagine Jack Jack’s powers must be terrifying to a mom.

Fingers crossed that I will have this year’s costumes ready in time, or I might have to dig out last year’s in hopes that they still fit.


field trip: herr’s factory tour

As a young child, I loved watching Mister Rogers.  I greatly attribute my love of cardigans to his casual, at home style.  One of things that always stood out to me on his show were the tours he took of factories.  He understood that it was important for children to know not only how things were made, but also that people work hard to make things we use in everyday life.  That was a great takeaway for me; that I should value and appreciate things more because of the hard work that goes into manufacturing and production.  This was definitely something I wanted to instill in my own kids, so off to Nottingham, PA we went!

herr's factory nottingham paWe weren’t allowed to take any photos while we were on the actual tour.  We got to see pretzel dough being formed and conditioned, tortilla chips being made and packaged, and potato chips go from potatoes to chips packed into boxes.  I know for certain, without having to question them, that my kids’ favorite part of the tour was when they got to sample warm potato chips.

I would recommend a visit to the Herr’s Factory to anyone that is in the Lancaster area for a day or two.  We were given bags of chips to sample, and we purchased a 10 pack of their new products for just $3.75. (This includes the GO LITE! popcorn I posted about on instagram.  I can’t wait to find it in stores.)

leaving herr's factory tour

You can find out more about the Herr’s factory tour here.

first days of dance class 2012-2014

Two years ago, we enrolled Micah in dance.  He has been surrounded by art and music since day one, so it was no surprise that he loved to sing and dance and perform.  I remember listening from the waiting room during his first class, and hearing him tell his classmates “great job” and offering them other encouragements.  He attends a noncompetitive studio so if images of Lifetime’s Dance Moms pops into your head, your perception might be a little skewed.  I don’t believe there is anything wrong with competition.  It can help motivate some people to try harder and strive for their very best.  I’m just not ready to foster a competitive spirit in my children.  I want them to be able to love what they do before it becomes work or a chore to them.  Luckily they aren’t yet aware of the world of pushy parents and angry coaches.  They love going to dance class and look forward to it every week.  Maeby started dance last year, and Abram is waiting (as patiently as a two year old can wait) to start next year.  I have seen Micah and Maeby mature a lot since they have started taking classes.  They have learned (and are continuously learning) structure, discipline, grace, poise, confidence, spatial awareness, patience, and French (since their studio use the classical terms).  I am so impressed with their growth and thankful that they have a very nurturing teacher.

We have a tradition of taking first (and last) day of class pictures outside of the studio.


micah's first year of dance


micah second year of dance

maeby first year of dance


micah third year of dance

maeby second year of dance

homeschool 2014

Yesterday marked our first day back to homeschool.  While we never really stop learning here, we stick to a structured day from September-June.  We started homeschooling three years ago, but this is our first year of compulsory learning and the first year we have had to declare intent.  Micah started first grade, while Maeby began her final year of preschool.  Abram is along for the ride and has been very enthusiastic to chime in.  abram homeschool maeby homeschool

micah homeschool


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This is our first year using textbook curriculums for Math and Reading.  We have mostly used workbooks and printouts, with supplemental books depending on the topics we were learning about.  We chose to go with Math to Learn because it introduces mathematic concepts and gives detailed examples of mathematical processes appropriate for grades 1-2.

I have finally stopped saying that Micah can read x amount of words.  I figured it is safe to say that he can read.  He reads anything and everything he can get his hands on.  We chose Jacob’s Ladder because it is geared towards advanced and gifted children.  We decided to start with Primary 2 (grades 1-2) because Micah already has the foundation for Primary 1 (kindergarten-grade 1).  The main objective of the book is to get students to think more critically about the text, in turn building comprehension and analytical skills.

In the next coming weeks, I’ll be giving updates on how these books are working out for us.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive compensation if you make a purchase using this link.  All opinions are my own.