The Incredibles Costume DIY

Halloween is only a week away, and I really should be spending my time putting together this year’s costumes.  Instead, I am procrastinating to share with you the costumes I made last year.

This is the fifth year I have made my kids’ costumes.  One of the reasons I had for starting involved a struggle between a toddler and a Brobee costume back in 2009 (the mass produced costumes tend to be itchy and unforgiving).  My second reason was the birth of my daughter.  Every year, I am disappointed by the limitations on costumes for girls.  For the most part, they consist of a character on a tee shirt paired with a tutu.  I figured I was going to have to make her costumes eventually down the line, so I might as well start with her first Halloween.

For Micah’s fifth birthday in the beginning of September of last year, he asked for the Violet and Dash figures for Disney Infinity.  He and Maeby loved playing as Dash and Violet and I felt like we watched The Incredibles a lot more than usual during that time.  I knew that they would love to dress as them for Halloween and the theme also provided a costume for Abram: baby Jack Jack.

The Incredibles DIY Halloween CostumeI went on the hunt for long sleeved red shirts and red pants for them.  It was really difficult to find red cotton pants, like I was originally looking for, but luckily H&M carried red skinny jeans in kids’ sizes.

I found a template for The Incredibles logo and printed out two copies.  On one copy I cut out the outside circle of the logo, and I cut out the “i” on the second.  I placed a cardboard beer caddy (a brown paper bag would have also sufficed) in between each of the shirts so that it could absorb any of the paint that bled through.  Using acrylic paint, I painted the “i” in yellow mixed with a little green (so it would look like it glowed), the circle in gold, and the center in black.

the incredibles diy halloween costumeFor Micah and Maeby’s costumes, I knew I wanted to use boys’ underwear and I was able to find a pack that had two pairs in solid black.  I painted the waistband gold on those (it took like three coats because the elastic sucked it up).  To mimic Violet’s boots, I cut the feet off of black knee high socks and put them over Maeby’s jeans.  Micah and Maeby started the night out wearing black gloves, but quickly gave up on them.  For Abram’s costume, I used a black cloth diaper (it is actually a pocket diaper that I didn’t put any inserts in).  I decided to go with face paint because I knew none of them would keep a mask on.  The kids wiped most of it off themselves, which was nice because having to scrub around little kids’ eyes is not fun.

The Incredibles DIY Costume

The Incredibles DIY Costume

The Incredibles DIY CostumeAs you can see, Micah and Maeby thought their costumes came with some superhero powers.  Luckily Abram didn’t try to demonstrate any powers because I can imagine Jack Jack’s powers must be terrifying to a mom.

Fingers crossed that I will have this year’s costumes ready in time, or I might have to dig out last year’s in hopes that they still fit.


my first thrift haul post!

If the title of this post doesn’t excite you, then you might not yet know of all the treasures you can find in secondhand stores.  I love the thrill of the hunt!  Hopefully after seeing what I brought home (and how much I spent!), you will feel inspired to head to your local thrift the next chance you get.


I should probably make note that these were all found in one quick trip.  We were in and out of the store in under 25 minutes.


We are always on the lookout for toys that foster pretend play.  Maeby already has several of the magnetic dress up sets from Melissa and Doug, so I grabbed two more wooden dolls for her to use.  We have a bin of Mega Bloks, but I will pick up new shapes and colors so the kids can create new designs.  The Disney Cars race set is in excellent used condition.  Even the batteries that are in it work!  This toy is definitely going into the Christmas stash.  That Woody doll right there in the middle, well he is going to Abram today (after I wash him).  Abram has been gathering all of Micah’s Toy Story toys this past week.  He put Buzz’s jet pack on a Woody doll, said “to infinity and beyond,” and made him fly around the room.  This new Woody doll is going to get lots of love from Abram.


Maeby has a bin of dress up clothes with a lid that will no longer shut.  That hasn’t kept me from adding more items to it.  She would live in her dress up clothes if I let her.  I was super excited to find these Barbie and Mulan dresses.  The Mulan dress is from the Disney Store and it is in like new condition!!


Stephen was pretty excited to find this Magic Hat beer glass.  I was excited to find the Banana Republic blazer, Old Navy striped tank top, and Sonoma handbag!  I also snatched up a neoprene tablet case, a Cherokee button down to put away for Micah (size 8-10.  He has about a year or so until he can wear it but I couldn’t pass it up), and a new fabric seat for Maeby’s doll stroller.

How much do you think we spent on these awesome finds?  Leave a comment with your guess and I will reveal the total tomorrow!


edited to add:

Our total was…