homeschool 2014

Yesterday marked our first day back to homeschool.  While we never really stop learning here, we stick to a structured day from September-June.  We started homeschooling three years ago, but this is our first year of compulsory learning and the first year we have had to declare intent.  Micah started first grade, while Maeby began her final year of preschool.  Abram is along for the ride and has been very enthusiastic to chime in.  abram homeschool maeby homeschool

micah homeschool


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This is our first year using textbook curriculums for Math and Reading.  We have mostly used workbooks and printouts, with supplemental books depending on the topics we were learning about.  We chose to go with Math to Learn because it introduces mathematic concepts and gives detailed examples of mathematical processes appropriate for grades 1-2.

I have finally stopped saying that Micah can read x amount of words.  I figured it is safe to say that he can read.  He reads anything and everything he can get his hands on.  We chose Jacob’s Ladder because it is geared towards advanced and gifted children.  We decided to start with Primary 2 (grades 1-2) because Micah already has the foundation for Primary 1 (kindergarten-grade 1).  The main objective of the book is to get students to think more critically about the text, in turn building comprehension and analytical skills.

In the next coming weeks, I’ll be giving updates on how these books are working out for us.

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Donald and Daisy

I’m not too sure that Donald is a Donald or a Donna, but it seems like we at least have a Daisy.

duck eggThis morning when I went to gather the eggs from the coop, I noticed an egg amongst the bedding in the duck house.  Our spring chickens will probably be laying within the week.  I am relieved to know that we have at least one female duck.  If we ended up with two drakes (male ducks), we would have had to find new homes for them.  Without a female duck, male ducks will try to mate with chickens (and it usually ends fatally for the chicken).  I am so glad we get to keep both of them.  We have been smitten with them since the day they came home.  Here is a look at how much they have grown since April.



maeby with duckling

daisy and the egg

maeby and a duck

Comparing the pictures of Maeby makes me realize the ducks aren’t the only ones that have gone through some serious growth spurts lately!