MommyCon Philadelphia: The Swag

mommycon vip swag

This past weekend, I was privileged enough to attend MommyCon in Philadelphia.  While I will still be posting about my overall experience, I wanted to share with you the wonderful products that I received for free.  It might seem a bit tacky to discuss the free stuff in depth, but I feel like these products (and more importantly, the companies behind them) deserve some attention.  As a mother that practices natural and attachment parenting, I find that these kinds of products are left off of registry list recommendations and the like.  I want to be able to do them justice.  (Please note that for this post I will not be including any affiliate links.  All links used are the companies’ direct links.)

detailed image of vip swag bag from mommycon philly

1 Babywearing World Record T-shirt from MommyCon

2 Reusable bag and infant bodysuit from Cotton Babies

3 Toy rattle ball from Pebble

4 Food pouch handle set from ChubChub

5 Folding silicone placemat from Silikids

6 Samples of thrush and nipple cream and full size container of nipple cream from Motherlove

7 Pouch and snack bar from Plum Organics

8 Two packs of detergent samples from Molly’s Suds

9 Food storage from Baby Cubes

10 One size cloth diaper from Best Bottom Diapers

11 Two teething necklaces from Zen Rocks

12 Glass food storage cube from Wean Green

13 Silicone teether from ZoLi

14 Hand soap and alcohol free sanitizer from Babyganics

15 Natural odor eliminating products from Fresh Wave

16 Veggie baby crayons from Wee Can Too

17 Baby wipes from Water Wipes

18 Organic prenatal beverage from Bundle

19 Nursing pads from Bamboobies

20 Reusable snack bag from Planet Wise

21 Mommy’s favorite accessory bodysuit and $10 gift card from Pish Posh Baby

22 Soleil baby carrier from Beco

Oh, there’s more!  The amount of products and discounts was too great for just one picture.  Ok, so in my excitement I forgot to include a product that wouldn’t have fit in my bag if I had tried.

mommycon philly vip swag 2014

23 Breastfeeding starter kit from Kiinde

In addition to these products, I was provided with exclusive discounts to: Joovy, Líllébaby, Milkin’ Cookies, Nicki’s DiapersJust Pretend Kids, Uber, FiggyFuzz Baby Boutique, Pediped, Combi, and 16 Minute Club.

Make sure you are following me on instagram to see some of our new items in action and come back soon to read about my experience at MommyCon Philly.


our visit to juju salon & organics

maeby at juju salon & organics


Disclosure: We received free services from Juju Salon & Organics, but all opinions are my own.

Recently we were invited to a media event at Juju Salon & Organics in Philadelphia.  Between the inspirational chalkboard and the cute window displays, we were smitten by the ambiance before we even stepped foot into the salon.  When we walked in we were greeted by a cozy waiting area to the left and a display of products that looked more like an Anthropologie display, not the usual industrial displays at salons I have been to in the past.

products at juju salon and organics

There was something lacking when we walked in the door, and I was very appreciative.  I noticed immediately that I wasn’t gasping for a breath of fresh air.  In fact, I found my breathing relaxed and tranquil.  I had been long turned off by the abrasive chemicals used in salons, and I was amazed by the fact that they only used products with low or no VOCs at Juju Salon & Organics.  Ammonia free hair coloring and no synthetic fragrances?  Sounds like a place I feel comfortable at.  Add to that the scents of lavender, sage, verbena, and peppermint and it sounds like a place you are going to have to drag me out of.

I spoke with Julie Ebner, the salon owner, while she used a soy based wax to clean up my eyebrows.  She is a vegan and mother to two girls, so she wanted to create a salon that was better for the environment and better for her clients.  Juju Salon & Organics is a very friendly place for young girls, too.  Maeby received her first official manicure while we were there.  They had a vast array of Zoya polishes to choose from, and Maeby chose a purple shade: “Hudson.”

maeby at juju salon and organics

Located in the back of the salon, the manicure stations look like a living room.  The dimmed lighting really helped relax Maeby.  I have never seen my little wiggle worm stay this still.  If she had her way, she would go back every day to get her nails painted.

maeby at juju salon and organics


We had a lovely time and would love to return again.

You can find the products Juju Salon & Organics sells online here.

And you can find the location and services here.

And you can read We’re Parents!? review here.


philadelphia zoo: zoo360

As vegans, we don’t support circuses.  We do support zoos that strive for conservation and education.  The Philadelphia Zoo meets both of these requirements with their Zoo360 program.  In the past few years, the Philadelphia Zoo has undergone several renovations (including the much improved children’s exploration center: KidZooU, but I’ll save that for another post).  They have begun to incorporate exploration trails for their animals, so they can expand their environments.  

zoo360 zoo360

You may spot these tunnels winding their way around the Philadelphia Zoo’s campus.  If you’re lucky, you’ll see animals crossing above you!  We were able to watch a tiger use the crossing on our last visit, but I wasn’t quick enough with my camera.


Sometimes you’ll catch animals resting in the tunnels.  (I’m almost certain that they are people watching.)  We have caught monkeys chasing each other and playing in the treetop trail crossings!  


In all of our visits there, I have learned that gorillas are real performers.  They know when they are being watched and often they will put on a show.  (I’m definitely thinking back to the time they came up and banged on the window and scared the living daylights out of everyone that was watching them from inside…myself included!)  

Great news!  These guys are going to be getting an expansion all their own!  We’re really excited to get to see them travel around the zoo.  Hopefully Zoo360 will act as a model for zoos around the country.  It would be great if all zoo animals were provided with more freedom like the animals at the Philadelphia Zoo.


What is your must see animal when you go to the zoo?