Thrift Haul 2

Maeby had recently discovered the collection of tiny toys I have been hiding from her.  If you have a daughter, you probably know the toys I am talking about.  Barbie shoes, Lalaloopsy mini accessories, and basically any doll house miniature that could pose a choking hazard (and there are a ton of them).  She had gotten past her I wonder what this toy tastes like phase, but I was hesitant to give her the tiny toys since Abram might think putting them in his mouth was a good idea.  She climbed to the top of her wardrobe and spotted the floral bin they were stored in.  She pulled them down and asked if she could pretty please play with them.  I allowed her, despite still being skeptical of the small objects.  Since then she has played with them almost every day, and sometimes for hours on end.  It is so inspiring to catch her playing with toys in unique ways.  No toy in the house has been safe.  I recently rescued a basketful of her brothers’ toys that she had squirreled away in her room.  (Note: I encourage my kids to play with all toys despite the gender they are usually marketed to, but to keep my sanity I aim to store the boys’ toys in their room and her toys in her room.)  For Christmas, I know that I want to gift maeby a curated collection of tiny toys and that I need to start gathering them now.  That was my main objective in our thrift stop last week.

second thrift haul 1I found a Batman Imaginext playset that I knew Micah would love.  He has recently been getting into superheroes, thanks to the release of Disney Infinity 2.0.  I will pair this with some of the newer DC Imaginext figures.  The great thing about Imaginext toys is that the figures’ feet are all the same so he could also use his Toy Story and castle set figures with this.  The rest of the picture is pretty self-explanatory, except for the Mr Potato Head arm and nose.  We have six Mr Potato Head bases, and are constantly losing limbs and pieces, so I jumped at the opportunity to pick up extras.

second thrift haul 2The Gap sweater is a size medium, so it is still a little big for Maeby.  She does like wearing it with the sleeves rolled up, so it may make an appearance into her wardrobe before winter is over.  The Motherhood top is for me, but I am not pregnant.  I am still nursing Abram, though, so it makes a nice pajama shirt (and I don’t mind stretching the neck out since it was so cheap).second thrift haul 3The baby doll is from Pottery Barn.  I was excited to find it since their dolls are made really well.  Please imagine the Barbies are wearing clothes.  For some reason, clothed Barbies rarely make into thrift stores.  As you can see, I was able to find some tiny toys on my trip.  I found a couple tea pots, a mug, some cakes, a few skirts, and some tiny friends.

Total spent on this trip…